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Upskirt Tease - Sophie S in Black Pleated Skirt
Sophie Star is cleaning the counter tops in the kitchen, dressed in a prim and proper satin pussy-bow blouse, a mid-length black pleated skirt with cream edging with a matching satin underskirt, and stockings. You sneak up on her and take a good long look up her skirt at her sexy white satin panties. When Sophie catches you looking she tells you off and says that if you wanted to look at her panties you only had to ask. Sophie proceeds to tease you with views up her skirt from various different angles, including views with her standing over you and with her sitting up on the kitchen counter top.
Duration: 4 mins 22 secs
Studio: UK Upskirts
Satin Fun - Sophia D in Black Blouse & Red Skirt
Sophia Delane is relaxing in a satin-covered sofa wearing a very low-cut black satin blouse and a short shiny red satin skirt, with red lacy panties underneath, and black high heeled shoes. Sophia bends over to give a great view of her bottom as she lifts up her skirt and removes her sexy red panties. She then removes one of her breasts from the confines of her satin blouse, and begins to pleasure herself by rubbing herself between the legs with the soft satin of her skirt.
Duration: 4 mins 4 secs
Studio: Sexy Satin Silk Fun
Lick My Feet
Nicole is laying on her bed looking absolutely stunning in a white satin blouse, thin pantyhose-like transparent fuchsia leggings, pink fingerless gloves and silver high heeled shoes. She sensuously rubs the soft silky material of her blouse against her beautiful breasts and nipples. We can just make out the shape of her hardening nipples through the thin material and, her blouse being very low cut, we get a wonderful view of her spectacular cleavage. We are treated to close-ups of Nicole's enticing pink painted lips as she pouts and licks her lips sexily, close-ups of her lovely pert bottom through her tight transparent pantyhose as she gyrates her body provocatively and, of course, plenty of close-ups of her pretty bare feet. Nicole then lies on her back and begins to rub her pussy through the thin material of her pantyhose, before slipping first one hand, and then both, down the front of her pantyhose to pleasure herself more directly. Nicole's toenails are quite long and she has applied some extra dark red nail polish which looks fantastic as she sensuously licks and sucks her pretty toes.
Duration: 14 mins 17 secs
Studio: FeetLady Nicole
Satin Slip and Sheer Robe
Satiny slip a sheer robe and sky high heels ...I love it!
Duration: 13 mins 26 secs
Studio: Lana's Lingerie Tease
Panty Fun - Sophia D in Black Blouse & Lilac Skirt
Sophia Delane is sitting on her sofa, wearing a shiny-black very low-cut satin blouse and a long tight and shiny lilac satin skirt and, of course, we all want to know if she is wearing matching knickers and if she is feeling in the mood for a sexy knicker tease. She quickly slips off her skirt to reveal stockings and suspenders, and sexy hot pink panties, which fit nice and tightly over Sophia's bottom as she bends over to give us a really good view. Her breasts, with their lovely hard nipples, have by now escaped into plain view over the top of her satin blouse, and so she decides to remove her blouse altogether. Finally, Sophia begins to rub herself through the soft satin material of her panties, occasionally pulling her panties to the side to get direct access to her pussy.
Duration: 4 mins 56 secs
Studio: Hot Panty Fun
My Perfect Perky Tits
Do you wanna see my tits, wanker? Do you wanna see my hard nipples? My tits are really perfect. Very perky, young, beautiful, soft ... How badly do you wanna see them? Beg me to show you! Why do you think you deserve to see my beauties? You are such a desperate wanker! But I love teasing you. Shaking my tits in your face, squeezing them, showing you how perky and perfect they are, teasing you with my hard nipples and fucking with your brain. Oh, and I have a little challenge for you. I wonder if you can make it. I doubt it, haha :D You won't be able to take your eyes off my cleavage!
Duration: 9 mins 14 secs
Studio: Beautiful Lady Suzanne
Claudine in Purple Satin Dress
Claudine looks wonderfully glamorous and sexy in a purple satin dress with a plunging neckline that gives a good glimpse of the silky dark blue slip with pretty lace edging that she is wearing underneath. To complete the classy formal look she is also wearing long black satin gloves and a matching black hat, and a "pearl" necklace and bracelet. Claudine rubs her gloved hands sensuously over her legs and over the silky material of her dress. As she teasingly lifts up the hem of her dress we see that she is wearing sexy black seamed stockings with a matching black suspender belt. Claudine slips the dress from her shoulders and rubs her breasts through the silky material of her slip, before letting her slip drop down too, to even better reveal her spectacular cleavage within a dark blue lacy bra, which matches the dark blue satin panties she is wearing under her slip. She slowly slips off her dress, fully revealing her shiny blue slip which clings beautifully to her every curve. Claudine continues her striptease by slowly removing her bra, revealing a gorgeous pair of breasts with large pert nipples. Her lacy panties are the next to go, leaving her pussy fully exposed. She begins to rub herself between the legs using her satin gloved hands before inserting a large dildo into her pussy, whilst continuing to play with her breasts and nipples.
Duration: 13 mins 37 secs
Studio: Retro Glamour
Satin Fun - Nina L in Orange Dress
Nina Leigh is relaxing on a green satin covered sofa wearing an orange satin evening dress as she tells us how much she gets turned on by the feeling of satin and silk against her body. Her dress is cut very low and as she leans forward we get a great view of her cleavage, before she slips the straps of her dress off her shoulders and treats us to an unrestricted view of her spectacular naked breasts. Nina then begins to rub the silky green satin material from the sofa over her breasts and nipples. Finally, she lifts up her dress revealing that she isn't wearing any panties and proceeds to rub the soft satin material between her legs.
Duration: 4 mins 5 secs
Studio: Sexy Satin Silk Fun

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