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Satisfying Day At The Office
Eve is at her office desk, dressed as a sexy secretary or businesswoman, in a sexy green satin blouse and short tight skirt, with stockings and stilletto high heeled shoes. All of her colleagues have gone to lunch, leaving Eve alone in the office, when the phone rings. The caller asks her what she is wearing and she decides to tease him by describing her sexy outfit in great detail. Eve soon gets carried away and they end up having sex over the phone.
Duration: 17 mins 43 secs
Studio: Nylonmodel Eve
Jane Dressed for the Office
We join the delectable Jane as she drives into the country to take a walk on a public footpath, dressed as a high flying city girl in a pretty white silky blouse and a tight black skirt. Before getting out of the car Jane first changes her footwear, swapping her sensible driving shoes for a pair of high heeled black open-toed shoes. Jane is not shy of showing off her stockings and suspenders as she sets off on a short walk. She hitches up her skirt and flashes her stocking tops and pretty bottom, and unbuttons her blouse and slips her lovely pert boobs out from her lacy lingerie, before removing her skirt altogether, revealing her pretty white panties.
Duration: 13 mins 28 secs
Studio: Sophisticated Flashers
Dream Job
You come in for an interview to work as my assistant ... "Come in and sit down. I read your CV and I am very impressed by you. You have very good professional skills. But I require some extra attention. Do you know what I am talking about? I have very special needs. As a boss I am under lots of pressure and sometimes I need some relief. Well, several times a day, to be exact. Do you think you are able to satisfy my needs and provide me the relief I need? Pull your pants down and let me have a good look at you. Hmm, you seem fit for this job ;) But can you get hard in only a few seconds and cum in 2 minutes? If you make it, this very well paid dream job is yours. Grab your dick ...." .... this is one of the hottest role play clips I have ever made!!! ....
Duration: 13 mins 9 secs
Studio: Beautiful Lady Suzanne
Afternoon Delight
It's nearing the end of another long day at the computer and my body is screaming out for me to take a break from this tedious routine. Well, if it's one thing I've learned throughout the years, it's to listen to the signals your body sends you. Shhhhhhh.....if you listen very carefully, you might hear that little voice in my head whispering "a little Afternoon Delight?".
Duration: 11 mins 31 secs
Studio: Roni Ford
Panty Tease - Sophie S in Black Blouse & Pink Skirt
Sultry, demure secretary Sophie Star is in a playful, teasing mood. She knows very well that we would dearly love to see her knickers, and she may just decide to show us if we ask nicely. Sophie is wearing a black button-up blouse, and a long pink pleated skirt which is quite see-through, and we can easily make out all the lacy detailing on the white silky satin half-slip she is wearing underneath. She is also wearing stockings and black shoes with exceptionally high heels. Sophie teases that if it wasn't for her slip we would be able to see her panties right through the thin material of her skirt. Sophie first removes her blouse, revealing a pretty black lace bra, before slowly removing her skirt. She pulls her slip extra tight against her bottom to give an even better view of her panties through the thin material, before removing her slip altogether and fully uncovering her white satin panties, which have a pretty lacy see-through section across the top and a cute little bow.
Duration: 4 mins 51 secs
Studio: Panty Amateur
Valuable Assets
Being a conscientious worker is always a plus when you're a candidate for any job, but if you're willing to show the boss why you're such a Valuable Asset to his company, the position is surely a lock. Let me show you how I convince him that he's making the right decision.
Duration: 15 mins 52 secs
Studio: Roni Ford
Upskirt Tease - Danielle M in Short White Skirt
Sexy office girl Danielle Maye is sitting at her desk working, wearing a tight blue see-through blouse over a white bra, a short white skirt with a white lace-edged satin slip underneath, and stockings. You are hiding under the desk with a great view right up her skirt of her white lacy almost see-through panties, but Danielle soon spots you and comes out from behind her desk to tell you off. However, she notices the bulge in your trousers and confesses that it turns her on to tease you, so she decides to get into all kinds of positions that allow you a good view up her skirt, such as sitting up on the desk, whilst teasing you for being an upskirt panty pervert.
Duration: 3 mins 54 secs
Studio: UK Upskirts
Panty Tease - Brianna D in White Blouse & Black Skirt
Office temp Brianna Davies is looking all prim and proper dressed for work as she sits at her desk, completing a spreadsheet on her laptop. Brianna is wearing a silky white see-through blouse with a black lacy bra underneath, a black pleated skirt with a silky slip underneath, the lacy edging of which is peaking out under her skirt, stockings and suspenders and sexy high zip-up brown boots. She lifts up her skirt and shows that she is also wearing a pretty white satin pair of panties, stopping only to re-attach one of her suspenders that has come lose from its stocking. She then slowly unbuttons and removes her see-through blouse, followed by her skirt, fully revealing her black lacy bra, which has a pretty bow at the top, and her silky almost see-through satin half-slip, through which her pretty panties, stockings and suspenders are all clearly visible. Finally, Brianna removes her slip and bra, leaving her almost naked other than her panties, stockings and boots.
Duration: 4 mins 47 secs
Studio: Panty Amateur

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