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Lick My Feet
Nicole is laying on her bed looking absolutely stunning in a white satin blouse, thin pantyhose-like transparent fuchsia leggings, pink fingerless gloves and silver high heeled shoes. She sensuously rubs the soft silky material of her blouse against her beautiful breasts and nipples. We can just make out the shape of her hardening nipples through the thin material and, her blouse being very low cut, we get a wonderful view of her spectacular cleavage. We are treated to close-ups of Nicole's enticing pink painted lips as she pouts and licks her lips sexily, close-ups of her lovely pert bottom through her tight transparent pantyhose as she gyrates her body provocatively and, of course, plenty of close-ups of her pretty bare feet. Nicole then lies on her back and begins to rub her pussy through the thin material of her pantyhose, before slipping first one hand, and then both, down the front of her pantyhose to pleasure herself more directly. Nicole's toenails are quite long and she has applied some extra dark red nail polish which looks fantastic as she sensuously licks and sucks her pretty toes.
Duration: 14 mins 17 secs
Studio: FeetLady Nicole
Pantyhose & Heels
Nicole is wearing a pretty black lace see-through top over a shiny red basque with black lace detailing, which shows off her breathtaking cleavage to great effect, and black pantyhose with sexy reinforced toes. We are treated to close-up views of Nicole's beautiful face as she teases us by pouting sexily and running her tongue along her sexy red painted lips. We also get plenty of close-up views of her pretty feet and toes, on which Nicole is wearing orange high heeled shoes. Her red painted toenails look amazing through the thin black material of her pantyhose, as she wiggles and spreads her toes tantalizingly. Her pantyhose makes an enticing sound as Nicole runs her hands, with pretty red-painted nails, up and down her long nylon-clad legs and feet. Nicole then begins to sensuously rub her pussy through the thin see-through material of her pantyhose, before removing her shoes and treating us to some final close-up views of her pretty feet and painted toenails.
Duration: 12 mins 19 secs
Studio: FeetLady Nicole
Great Lengths
I'm going to Great Lengths to please you baby. Instead of wearing the typical super short mini, I'm dropping my hem line about as far as it will go and I'm going to try my best to make it work for you. I hope you enjoy my efforts!
Duration: 16 mins 7 secs
Studio: Roni Ford
Silk Into Satin
After a long day Lana slips out of her pink and white silk dress and pantyhose and into her pink satin chemise and robe. She gives it to you slowly and sexily.
Duration: 10 mins 59 secs
Studio: Lana's Lingerie Tease
Playing In Layers
Now why would a local Hawaiian girl want to wear two pair of hose in 85 degree temps and high humidity? Well, because it feels good, that's why!
Duration: 15 mins 57 secs
Studio: Roni Ford
Bored Realtor
Here I sit, one Bored Realtor in search of something to kill my time with and what better way to make time fly than to use my body as a playground, huh? Now you get to see first hand what realtors do at a home showing when you're not looking!
Duration: 18 mins 26 secs
Studio: Roni Ford
Pantyhose and Silk Slip
Lana just loves pantyhose. She just loves to pull them high and tight. It feels so good. She starts off wearing a full length gown flirtily playing with and lifting the hem. She then gets down to just her stilettos and pantyhose. Hot! She then dons a little pink and black silky slip and has some real fun. The sound of silk rubbing nylon is just too sexy in this vid.
Duration: 7 mins 51 secs
Studio: Lana's Lingerie Tease
Vintage Pantyhose Play
You'd think that after all these years, I would have discovered all the joys of wearing pantyhose, wouldn't you?
Duration: 18 mins 45 secs
Studio: Roni Ford

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